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Some examples of uses for our brackets

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Check out some examples of uses for our brackets in the gallery above or in the video link here. Our kitchen applications drawings show how our brackets can be incorporated into  a kitchen island in a small kitchen where the the fit-out scheme specified an island in preference to a standard kitchen table. Our brackets are seen in two rows at the front of the island to incorporate a shelf for casual dining seated from a bar stool and a bench and wall mounted table  for more formal occasions. Storage holes can be incorporated into the island and covered by the shelf and bench when folded down. The system allows a continuous design trend in the kitchen which required an island to make it complete.

We will be adding more information and ideas from time to time so please feel free to check back again to see new ideas for the FDP Brackets.


The FDP range of brackets can be used to support almost any type of folding surface with great stability and load bearing capacity. They can be installed on walls or on parts of structures, subject to the structures load-bearing ability, which can support tables, seats, baby changing units and many more folding items which can be used to increase functionality of large and small spaces. Our brackets have been used in libraries as folding laptop tables in hallways, as additional seating in waiting areas, and as dressing room benches. We will be adding more details and drawings soon, so please check back from time to time to monitor developments.


The FDP brackets have been used with laminated table tops in medical centres for blood testing stations and consultation tables where space is constrained and demand for services periodically increase. The FDP brackets can be incorporated into many shop fitting or industrial facility applications for versatile use of space, as simple as providing a temporary wall mounted seat or table in areas where conventional furniture would be required to be relocated time and time again. More details to come soon.


The Eureka MFG folding ironing board and table and chair range is made possible by our Brackets.


Fold Down Pro Folding Bracket Applications

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