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Installing Folding Furniture has just been made easier by the Fold Down Pro

Slimline Folding Brackets

The FOLD DOWN PRO bracket is currently manufactured in four sizes (see sizes here). The bracket is fabricated from mild steel which is finished in a zinc coating and folds completely into itself to provide a slimline wall projection of just 20mm. The patented rotation of the main support strut bar allows for the propping to occur beyond the centre point of the lever arm giving considerable extra load bearing capacity without the need to make the strut  collapsible. Our “trip” mechanism has been designed to be link able to a number of our brackets to allow the release and folding down from one location. Read more about our brackets in the Products area.

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Standard Folding Brackets

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The Ultimate Folding Bracket

Introducing the innovative FOLD DOWN PRO range of folding brackets, designed to increase the options and flexibility for the installation and integration of folding furniture for the Domestic, Recreational Vehicle, Caravan, Retail, Commercial, Industrial and  many other sectors where a space saving approach is being adopted. Our products make the installation of folding furniture so easy that it can now be considered a very serious contender when designing sustainable space saving options. Many have tried to develop a solution for folding bracketry with many faults ranging from strut bending failure, poor load bearing ability, sagging of the

table over time, collapsible folding struts which are easily struck and fold at unwanted times or fail to straighten fully across several brackets. Our FDP brackets have proven reliability and when installed properly do not encounter any of the failings of older solutions. Installation is simple and when installed against a solid background the FDP range of brackets will give years of reliable and smooth use. Check out our Gallery page to see installation examples and reference material. Installation guides and technical details are in on our Products page.

 Extremely versatile with many uses

 Easily installed and durable

 Little or no maintenance required

FDP 28A KM & Stainless Steel Brackets

Coming Soon

We are currently refining the FDP 28A KM Folding Bracket with the Stabilus Shock Absorber and it should be available to market soon. The Stainless Steel range of brackets will extend applications to outdoor uses and wet areas.

 Cost effective space saving solution

Fold Down Pro Folding Bracket Animation

FDP Informational Video


Check out our Informational Video above to see some examples of our bracket applications. Double Click to enlarge.


Fold Down Pro Instruction Video Part 1

Trip Mechanism Assembly Video

Fold Down Pro Instruction Video Part 2

Reversible Trip Mechanism Instruction Video

Fold Down Pro Instruction Video Part 3

Bracket to Walls and Table Installation Video

FDP Installation Videos

Installation Videos

Check out our installation videos below to see how easy it is to install our brackets. Double Click to enlarge.

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The animation above shows a pair of FDP19A brackets  supporting a 20mm thick clear acrylic table. The brackets are fixed to the timber studs in the wall behind and the the table is centred across the brackets. The variable centres of the studs is easily catered for by our brackets once they fall within the width of the proposed table top and there is sufficient room for the trip handle.

Our brackets are used in the Eureka Mfg range of folding tables (Click Here to see the standard range of sizes). The Eureka tables are supplied with the brackets fitted at standard centres (400mm generally, and 812mm for the 1000mm wide x 600mm deep table). The bracket centres are adaptable prior to installation, where support centres are variable, by simply removing the threaded linkage bar, unscrewing the bracket from the table top and relocating the bracket to suit the fixing centres. A new length of threaded bar would be required to suit the new bracket centres which would be available from most local hardware stores.

Fold Down Pro Flush Wall Mounted Folding Table

The animation to the left shows the results of a recent project with a fold-down wall mounted table built into a recess which allows the surface to be flush with the wall.

A magnetic catch releases the table when pushed in at the bottom and you simply lift into the service position. When finished, the trip is released and the table folds down.
Our Fold Down Pro brackets need slight modification and additional SOSS hidden hinges for this scenario to be successful.